Monday, March 10, 2014

Ethiopian Helper Beaten to Death & Dumped like a Trash in the Emirates Desert

A couple have been arrested on suspicion of murdering their domestic helper and throwing her body in the desert.
Col Rashid Mohammed Bourshid, the head of Abu Dhabi Police CID, said the body of a woman was found in Ajban wrapped in cloth and with burnt fingers.
Investigations revealed that the victim was an Ethiopian housemaid, who was staying illegally in the country, and the main suspect was an Arab, M A, who worked for a contracting company and who was arrested hours after the body was found, Col Bourshid said.
He said that the suspect initially denied being involved in her death but confessed after evidence allegedly showed that his wife, R Y, had murdered the Ethiopian after a dispute at the family house in Khalifa City.
The suspect admitted that his wife battered the victim with a thick baton on several parts of her body until she died. He then stripped the body and poured a corrosive substance over it in an attempt to make the body unidentifiable. He wrapped it in a piece of cloth, put it inside a bag and carried it to his car and the couple abandoned the body in the desert.
Col Bourshid said the wife was arrested at a hotel and admitted her role in the crime. After their arrest, one of the couple’s children, 2, was sent to the community support center while the other, 8 months, stayed with the mother in jail.
Source : TheNational

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