Friday, December 16, 2011

The 50thousand Invisible of Sweden

There's an estimated 50-100 thousand undocumented asylum seeker in Sweden who've no rights to live, work, health care & social services and to accommodations. And there're about more than 5-6 thousand of these people who locked up in various detention centers across the country to be sent back where their lives would be endangered. Kahled Khodeda - an Iraqi asylum seeker of a minority religious groups- was one of hundreds victims of unjust deportations to loose his life this year in Iraq regardless of his plea to be protected here in Sweden but to no avail. The Swedish migration board doesn't take responsibility for such killings after it deported its subjects to dangerous places like Iraq. Many of the undocumented asylum seekers live under despicable conditions, in the 6th richest country of the world in 2011, with the help of selfless and generous friends/family members who have little to share while those institutions with huge resources & dishonest commitments spend obscene amount of time, energy and money either on senseless symposiums or overseas travels in the name of these human beings or in worst case scenario hand over those under their custody to the police. There's a few exceptions among these morally corrupt institutions which stands out tall namely  RS Haninge & Medicine du Monde Sweden which saved and continue to save many lives and at the forefront to defend the rights of the INVISIBLE of Sweden. There's no ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, isn't true? Have a nice holiday and always remember at some point we were/are/will REFUGEES even in our home countries. 

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