Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Aren't we supposed to be impartial???

Sorry, I arrived late (18.20) soaked with the rain yesterday evening @Kronobergshäktet to show my solidarity to jailed Swedish journalists in my home country which is 139th in  RSF's 2010 Press Freedom  Index unfortunately everybody was left:( I took these pix (sorry for poor quality:-( ) but after seeing/reading what I was available there, I was under the impression that the focus is mainly on the Swedish journalists (Dawit, Johan, Martin) as if there're no journalists who're jailed on the same doctored charges.
What about Eskinder Nega, Reeyot Alemu, Wubshet Taye and many others who're being incarcerated by the dictator ever since he took power 20yrs ago? Are we less human than Johan, Martin & Dawit? I thought journalism & journalists are expected to serve impartially everybody regardless of color of skin, race, religion etc differences. There's so much outcry in the Swedish media about their fellow citizens' arrest which I understand why and yet the sufferings of Ethiopians were/are downplayed as if they don't exist. I don't think it's fair, does two lines cost a lot to write about the sufferings of more than a dozen of Ethiopian journalists? Or is it a strategy not upset the wounded tiger @Arat Kilo palace?Agera i tid för Schibbye och Persson


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